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Updated: Oct 19, 2020

“We can always blame everybody for everything. … I always say, play the ACEs. So like, look at your deck. What high cards do you have?” – Gabrielle Reece

This idea of playing our ace cards really resonated with me, when I heard Gabby Reece on a recent podcast episode of The Ed Mylett Show (listen to the episode here). It's more than just knowing our strengths - it's about recognizing and embracing our uniqueness, our distinctive characteristics, skills and talents, and how these unique traits can bring value to the world.

Sometimes though, we don't fully acknowledge that we have unique strengths and talents. We compare ourselves to others who are doing "more", linger in imposter syndrome, or give in to our limiting beliefs that we don't have anything to contribute. This is simply not true. We all have unique gifts that we bring to the world. You are YOU for a reason. YOU bring value to the world and have the power to impact those around you in a powerful and positive way. But if you don't acknowledge your uniqueness, then this power to change the world cannot occur.

And when I say change the world, I don't mean it needs to be on a big scale. YOU can change YOUR world - your inner mindset to start with, and then the world of the people you interact with every day. Remember,"to the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.” (quote attributed to multiple people).

Think about the world on your scale and all the people that you interact with every day. In the next week or so, listen to when others say to you "wow, you're so good at that", "I wish I could do that", "you make that look so easy", or something along those lines. Pay attention to what others acknowledge you for - this will help you define your ace cards.

When you know and embrace your own unique deck of ace cards, you can play them (and win!) in all aspects of life. Because when you're true to yourself and what makes you stand out from others, you'll exude confidence and positivity, and inspire those around you.

Use this worksheet to write down your ace cards, and pin up somewhere where you can see them daily to remind yourself of the greatness you bring to the world.

My Ace Cards worksheet
Download PDF • 163KB

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