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The Importance of Taking Intentional Rest

So many people tell me they're tired.

I'm tired too!

So much is going on in your life and in the world - and that is exhausting. And it's totally understandable why we're all tired.

But, I also hear:

  • I'm too busy to rest

  • I've got too many people relying on me

  • Who am I to rest with so many others going through harder things?

  • I should just be grateful

What this says to me is that you don't feel worthy of rest.

And I'm here to tell you that is not true.

If you're not rested, if you don't have energy, then you can't help others.

You need energy to shine your light. And the world needs your light.

So I urge you, make sure to take intentional rest every week. You deserve it!


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