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Take Action, Even If It's Late

Sometimes it's easier to just not do the thing you've said you're going to do. But the only way to reach your goals and create the life you want, is to take action. Even tiny actions. Even if you've procrastinated. Even if you're late. It feels so good to take action. It's never too late, and it will always be beneficial!

I made a commitment to myself last fall that I would publish a video the first of every month. And somehow this month, June 1st came and went, and I realized late that I had missed my first of the month commitment. I told myself that it was okay, that skipping one month wouldn't mean anything - nobody would even notice! Except me. I would notice. I tried justifying my not recording a video. I mean, it's not really my favourite thing to do. But I'm doing it to grow my skills, find my voice, get more comfortable with being on camera, and most of all to connect with people. But still, would it really matter if I skipped just one month?

And then I was listening to a podcast and the guest was asked why most people don't reach their goals and aren't living the life they wanted? He said something along the lines that consistency and discipline was hard. And that it's easy to let ourselves off the hook for not doing something. If we skip one day, and then the next, it becomes easier and easier to justify why we didn't do it, and it becomes less and less probable that we'll do whatever action we said we were going to do.

So that was it. I decided I wanted to stay in integrity to myself, to hop back on the wagon so to speak, and record the video. Even though it was a few days late. Even though it wasn't perfect. And you know what? It feels good. It feels good to check it off my list, to know I stood by my commitment to myself, to know that I could let go of the mistake and carry on.

I also realized I'm late in setting my June goals. But not that late! I'm going to get to them now. Because if things aren't written down, they won't get achieved.

So what's been on your list for a while? What are you letting yourself off the hook for? What one small action step can you take today to move you closer to your goals? To keep you in momentum towards creating the best life for yourself? Do it today. Do it now. You'll feel better. You'll feel accomplished.

I'd love to hear what inspires you to take positive action every day.

Happy June - wishing you a month of action, happiness and long, sunny days!


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