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Small Things Can Have a Big Impact

After a recent check-up with my dermatologist a biopsy revealed melanoma on a tiny spot on my back. As I found out, this is quite serious as melanoma grows quickly and can be fatal if not caught early. I am SO GRATEFUL for my dermatologist for finding this and for my plastic surgeon for removing it so quickly. I'm also grateful to my intuition for reminding me to make this appointment in the first place! I encourage everyone reading this to book an appointment to get your skin checked because it's important to be proactive with our health.

This experience got me thinking about how crazy it is that the tiniest things can have a huge impact on us. The spot on my back was barely visible, yet had the ability to grow and cause a fatal illness. It's sometimes that way in our day-to-day lives too where the seemingly small things can have a detrimental effect on us over the long term.

Think about some of these "small" things that can have a negative result. Things like sneaking in an extra glass of wine during the week, having a second cookie one too many times, ignoring that email for just one more day, or scrolling mindlessly on Instagram for a tad too long. None of these things happening once is detrimental in itself, but if we continue to do them because we make the excuse that "it's just a small thing", then over the long term it can create significant consequences.

It's like that constant drip of water from a tap -- it's just a small thing but it feels like a big, distracting disturbance.

On the flip side however, rain dripping into a bucket drop by drop will eventually fill up enough to water some flowers. Again, small things leading to big results. Just like in our lives.

The small things, even the tiny things all add up to big results over time. Things such as:

  • A few minutes of meditation, prayer or silence each day

  • A walk outside

  • Texting a friend to say hi

  • 5 minutes of reading an inspirational book

  • Chopping up some extra veggies for tomorrow's meal

  • Focus on your breathing for three breaths when you feel stressed

  • Waking up each morning telling yourself that today is going to be great

  • Going to bed each night remembering what you're grateful for

What detrimental small things can you delete from your life?

What small things do you do each day that are leading to big positive results? Can you add one more in?


If you need help creating healthy habits that will lead you towards positive results in your life, I can help. Stop dreaming about the things you could do, and start doing them! Book a Discovery Call today to find out how.

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