Small action steps lead to big results

The start of a new week is full of potential! I spend 15-30 minutes each Monday to plan out my week, and reflect on the past week. Its nothing fancy and quite old school. :) But I find that it helps me with being accountable to myself, and I'm amazed by how much I've been able to accomplish over the months. I truly believe that small steps, lead to big results.

On a sheet of paper, I put down the days of the week across the top (M, T, W, etc), then along the side I put the activities that are important to me (i.e. exercise, mediation, work on my business, connect with someone, etc), then I put a tick mark beside the activity if I did it (I do this every morning for the day prior). Next to the calendar grid, I jot down my goals or to-do list for the coming week. Some of these might be specific to the week, some might be the same from week to week. This helps with accountability and planning.

On the other side of the sheet (and I do this every Monday morning), I write down three headings - 'What Went Well', 'Where Were the Gaps', and 'What I'm Grateful For'. Then under each I jot down my reflections. Acknowledge yourself for all the things that went well and all your successes (big or small), reflect on what didn't go so well, what didn't you achieve from the prior week, etc., then the things you're grateful for from the prior week. This helps with acknowledgement, accountability (for the good and the not so good), a positive mindset and tracking progress.

Be consistent with this. Do this every Monday morning, no matter what. Its amazing how those small weekly to-do's can lead to meeting bigger goals.

Here's a picture of my tracker for this week. See? Nothing fancy!

I hope you learn something from my video and above message. Remember, reaching your goals starts with one tiny action step. That one tiny step, will lead to an accomplishment, and in turn, that will inspire bigger action steps, until you will be amazing but what you achieve.

Please let me know if you have any other tips and tricks for weekly planning. And please reach out if you need my help in setting up some goals for the remainder of the year.

Remember, you can create the momentum for a better life.

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