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Resetting for Positive Change

In today's video I talk about resets in the context of our own personal lives (instead of the so-called 'Great Reset). Rather than getting caught up in the overwhelm of all the things going on in the world, how can we make our lives better? How can we become healthier and more focused and more resilient? Because if we do, then we are MUCH better able to look after those around us, create change in our families, at our work, then in our communities and even beyond.

I believe the change – the reset – needs to start with us first. So instead of being worried or sucked into the label of the great reset in the world, I encourage you to start with yourself. Reset yourself first. In all areas of your life. And get yourself into a position physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually that is strong and healthy and has the stamina and energy to help out the world.

For me, resetting has to do with going back to healthy habits - remembering my healthy habits and the reasons why I do them, and then recharging and re-energizing around these habits.

I am currently on day 12 of what I’m calling a spring reset. This is 30 days of no alcohol, no processed sugar, no carbs, and no dairy. I usually do this once or twice a year because it resets my body to a better state of health. It gives my liver time to detox and rest. It eliminates cravings and stops the once a week treats that have somehow become two or three times a week treats. It helps my sleep and my headaches and my PMS symptoms. It also resets my mind and focus and willpower. I feel more in control and I like following through on decisions that I have made that I know are good for me. I tend to have more energy and better mental clarity. I always find it interesting to see how doing this type of reset will affect me – it’s always positive. Even though I do miss chocolate like crazy some days!

I had to chuckle a little bit when I googled the definition of reset. One of the definitions that came up was that resetting means “to turn a piece of electronic equipment off and then on again when it does not work correctly, to make it start working correctly again.” I feel this can be applied to our physical and mental states too – sometimes we just need to stop doing something in order for something else to start working better.

The other definition of reset I found online was in relation to people: “to start again after a period of rest or change, so that you feel better able to deal with your life or with a situation.” Isn’t that so true? When you have time to rest you’re always better able to deal with whatever is going on around you. This is the same for our physical bodies too, our spiritual health and our emotional/mental wellbeing.

When I started my spring reset I also decided that along with the physical elements I was going to reset my attitude. This is mainly focused on having a positive attitude or outlook every day, being cheerful when I see people, being mindful about trying to eliminate complaining, not gossiping, and in general treating people with kindness and without judgement. Because if I’m being honest, sometimes I can get judgy and it’s easy to slip into complaining about things. So I’m being very mindful about resetting my attitude.

Alongside this, I was inspired to reset my vision, my goals, and the results I want to see in my life. After all, we’re in month four of the year and now is the perfect time to review our vision, our goals, our dreams, and our intentions that we set at the beginning of the year and see if they need some tweaking or revision.

There are many ways to reset all aspects of our life – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, at home, at work, with our families and friends, with how we treat ourselves. After all, resetting also means the act of changing something so it is at a different level. Let’s set our sights on not just a different level, but at a HIGHER level. We all have the capacity to reset and recalibrate to a level that challenges us to be better people in all aspects of our life. Because when we uplevel we become stronger, healthier, more resilient and thus better able to create positive changes in our lives and in the lives of those around us. And those positive changes will ripple out into the world – I promise you.

In what ways can you reset an area of your life?

*** Resetting is a journey. If you’re looking for support, guidance, advice and coaching while on this journey – I can help. I invite you to book a Discovery Call with me to learn more.

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