Reflections on the Fall Equinox

Fall is a time of getting ready for the cold winter months ahead, which eventually will lead to springtime and renewal. The Fall Equinox, and especially this year's Equinox, is an ideal time to turn inwards, take a "pause" for reflection, reset our goals, make some new intentions, and gather energy for the months ahead.

As I was reflecting on this year and the change in season, I came across some notes that I found on the internet a few years ago. I'm not sure who to attribute these thoughts to, but they really resonated with me, and I hope they help you find hope and meaning amongst the chaos.

“The seeds of the harvest have to die for future crops to be born. Similarly, the season of death and darkness that begins with the Autumn Equinox is reflective of a descent into inner darkness and an inner death that also leads to an inner (re)birth.”

In ancient times and in mythological and spiritual folklore, there was a strong tradition of celebrating the equinoxes. The fall equinox in most of these traditions was a time to prepare for the dark season ahead, while giving thanks for the sun-filled months that provided the harvest.

Transition, balance, moving forward

From the Equinox, your consciousness moves slowly inward as the nights lengthen and the days shorten. Follow your natural inclination to turn inwards and you'll find the wisdom, riches and inspiration for your next year ahead. The chaotic times of this past spring and summer saw many changes - much loss, but also gain. What's next? Fall is the time of harvesting, and also the time to take stock of what you harvest.

It's likely that your summer is not what you'd hoped for earlier this year. Now is the time to reflect, find your balance, and look for what within you must change to assure a better path in the coming year.

The Fall Equinox (Sep 21-23) is the 3 day period when the sun appears to stand still. Think of it as a time for you to stand still as well...and find your balance.

Now is a time to reflect on your past and your future. You are standing on a threshold between what was, and what will be. Look back at all you've accomplished, and look forward at the new opportunities to come. If nothing within you changes, then your past will be your future.

Now is the time to pause, go within, and take stock of how far you've come. Your inner work, your growth, is your harvest. It's time to honour your journey and the rebalancing that has taken place within you. Live in gratitude and thanksgiving for all you've experienced and received this past year - and despite the pandemic, the disruption and the uncertainty - you have been blessed. Look forward with joyful expectation to what is around the corner for you.

You can set your own future in motion, today.

Did these thoughts resonate with you? I would love to hear what came up for you as you were reading. I truly believe we all need to take time in our lives to reflect and take stock of our lives, so that we can move forward with renewed energy. My workshop on Oct 14 might be exactly what you need to kickstart your reflections as we head into winter.

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