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podcast announcement + a retreat

Happy April!

Today, I'm excited to announce the launch of my podcast - Sparking Action. The podcast is all about amazing people who have taken inspired action to create a positive change in their, in the lives of those around them, and on the world. I invite you to listen!

Link here: or see the feed.

Also, a reminder about the Spring Forward retreat I'm co-hosting with Dr. Karen Quinn (Chiropractor and Yoga instructor). In this half day retreat in beautiful Bragg Creek, you'll:


✅ Gain a better understanding and connection with your intuition so you can determine your next best step

✅ Reflect on the first quarter of 2021 and reset your intentions and action steps to move towards the outcomes you desire

✅ Enjoy gentle Yoga and meditation (no experience necessary)

✅ Get moving mentally and physically

✅ Connect with other like-minded people

✅ Get some extra surprises!

✅ Enjoy lunch and gentle afternoon hike (optional)

Space is limited!

Early Bird Pricing ends TODAY (April 1)

Register today!

I look forward to connecting soon!

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