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It's March. Let's get productive!

Happy Monday and happy March! As the days get longer and warmer, we know that spring is right around the corner. What are you doing to make March a productive month?

One tool to try is a mindmap. On a sheet of paper, write down the word 'March' in the middle. From there, draw in spokes radiating from the word March and at the end of each spoke, write down a word that you'd like to associate with March - perhaps how you'd like to feel, what goals you want to accomplish, priorities, etc. This is a quick and visual exercise to see what's in your head.

When you're done the mindmap, notice any themes or trends that pop out. Is there an intention you want to set for the month? On a separate sheet of paper, write out your intention for the month, along with 3-5 goals that you'd like to achieve. Post the mindmap and your goals/intentions somewhere you can see them daily. This will serve as a reminder and a prompt to get going on your action steps.

Take a listen to the video below to get some more ideas and inspiration.

Here is a picture of my mindmap for March. It's simple, yet so effective.

Wishing you a wonderful month that is healthy, positive and productive.

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