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How to get past the discomfort of doing something new

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Doing something new or different can be scary. Or weird. Or awkward. Or embarrassing. And our brain tries to tell us to just stay away from that. I mean why put yourself in a position where you might fail or look stupid? Or have people laugh at you?

You know what’s true? Doing something new puts us into discomfort. That’s true. And our brain is protecting us from discomfort. Well really it’s protecting us from scary tigers and even when there’s no scary tigers our brain reacts the same way and gives us all the thoughts and reasons about why we shouldn’t do anything new because that’s uncomfortable and unfamiliar and we don’t know what’s going to happen if we do it.

Know what’s not true? Having to believe all the thoughts that flood our brain. That’s right – you get to choose which thoughts you believe. And you get to tell yourself a new story. One that says yes, discomfort is weird and awkward and might even lead to failure, but…I can overcome some discomfort.

You can overcome feeling discomfort. Especially if you remember your why – your compelling reason for wanting to do something new. Think about something new you’ve wanted to do and haven’t yet. What are the stories you’re telling yourself about why you haven’t yet? And then remember all the reasons why you want to.

Watch the video above to learn why doing something new is so hard, how to get past the discomfort, and how to get started on doing something new in your life.

Remember, feeling uncomfortable is the first step towards learning something new and bringing new experiences and opportunities into your life. You can do it!

If you need help with doing new things, reaching new goals, or creating new habits, reach out for a free coaching consult to learn how I can help you with this. Schedule a time today.

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